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Main Premises of SoccerMax having 40,000 square meter available for manufacturing facilities and 18876 square meter constructed area consist of 16 large, halls for production purpose with 24/7 backup of 150 KW electric generators to fulfill the requirements of anytime delivery production order.


  • Roll Cutting Machines: 2 Roll cutting machines are able to cut 3600 roll each day.
  • Raw Cutting Machines: 4 Raw cutting machines are able to cut 3600 roll each day.
  • Dye Cutting Machines: 3 Dye cutting machines are able to cut 3600 pairs each day.
  • Embossing Machine: 13 Embossing machines are able to Embossed 3000 pairs each day.
  • Stitching Machines: 100 Stitching Machines are able to stitched 3000 Pairs each day.
  • Stitching Units:  7 Stitching Units are able to stitched 3000 Pairs each day.


SoccerMax having production capacity of 2500- 3000 Pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves each day.



The organization make steps to make the efficient security for their employees and control all the departments security 1 persons is appointed at each department, every person was checked while entering in the factory and going out from the factory. There are total 7 security personals and 1 security supervisor. Admin Department also controls the working of all the other departments.


The HR department of Matrix has a crucial role to play in ensuring compliance, and company compliance officers have the important responsibility of ensuring that the human resources department complies with internal and external laws and regulations.

They have given special instruction to provide following facilities to workers.

  • Medical care
  • Group insurance
  • Medical allowance
  • Medical Facility
  • Educational facility
  • Medical leaves
  • Education allowance
  • Marriage grant
  • Death grant
  • Old age benefits


All account maintenance held under this department, salary payment, allocation of fund and procurement expenses are paid by finance department.


The Purchase officer working directly under the C.E.O, buy raw material available within the order time, and to store the final products, all inwards and outwards of the product are carried through this department. The store in charge and purchasers are working under the procurement officer. The Purchaser purchase all the goods which is use in product and all that goods which is need in the company for company use.


In the sample department the sample manager make the new design for the customers and then he make the sample on the suitable price. He is also use new materials for the sample. This is important department for the company because all the new order are based on the samples so, company sales base on the samples development.


Overall production working is done under the production mangers who organize all the working starting from the raw material from the store to the finishing of the product. Production department will supervise all the following department.

  1. Pattern
  2. Raw Cutting
  3. Roll Cutting
  4. Printing
  5. Embossing
  6. Dye Cutting
  7. Stitching
  8. Checking
  9. Quality Control
  10. Packing
  11. Dispatch


All export dealings are held within this department, cargo information, taking new orders and making invoice and prepare all type of shipment documents, and make aware the customer with shipment dates.


Nothing in the factories could be produced without the production plan. It is studied and calculated that when the delivery will be possible informed to Export Manager. If the customer agrees, Export Manager informs the planning section.

Planning section allots a plan number to the work order. A plan number is allotted from calendar to a work order according to the delivery date. It makes easy to control the production and to make the deliveries in time. A plan is made at least a week before its Shipment date. A plan contains the following information

  • Plan Number
  • Date
  • Order Number
  • Article No.
  • Size range
  • Color
  • Description

This planning officer prepares an estimate for the raw material, which is to be consumed to manufacture the order. This estimate is sent to the concerned stores that the factory needs this RAW MATERIAL on such date. The production plan is handed over to all departments a day before the plan has to start.

After the Plan is made production manager manages to do accurately according to the plan.

Then on the due date of the production plane we start acting on the plan. Then work start department wise. Following departments comes in the production,

  • Raw Cutting Section
  • Roll Cutting Section
  • Printing Section
  • Embossing Section
  • Dye Cutting Section
  • Jell Unit
  • Distribution Section
  • Stitching Section
  • Packing Bag Unit
  • Checking Section
  • Packing Section
  • Quality Control Section
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